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Focus on your own actions rather than those of other people. Mention relevant academic theories and concepts where appropriate. Explain how they helped you make sense of the situation and choose the right course of action. Outline your plan for handling or preventing similar situations in the future. The introduction is often the most difficult part to write.

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Reflective reports are more structured than essays. Generally, you will include more than one experience and use section headings and sub-headings. If a specific structure is prescribed by the assignment guidelines, always follow it. Even if your assignment does not give a specific reflection model to follow, you may still want to use one. A reflection model is a sequence of steps to follow, or a sequence of questions to answer when writing down your account of an experience.

When you are new to reflective writing, reflection models can provide a much-needed step-by-step guide. One of the most popular and handy models is Gibbs reflection cycle presented in the figure below. For a moment, I felt helpless and frustrated. But then I started thinking who else could give me that information. Fortunately, two of my senior colleagues had it and responded gladly to my request.

The good thing was that I managed to get information despite the obstacle that seemed overwhelming at the first moment. However, this incident highlighted the gaps in my preparation. I had no Plan B in case if my department manager refused to be interviewed. I should have made a list of several interviewees representing each functional area.

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If one of them refused to participate, I could talk to the next one on my list. That would have increased my chances of collecting comprehensive data about the department performance. Besides, I could have worded my invitation better and choose the time to approach the manager more carefully. I would accept the refusal calmly and immediately approach the next potential interviewee on my list.

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Following a reflection model, you can produce a piece of writing that is coherent, persuasive and has a strong internal structure, like in the example above. To put it short, a reflection model maximises your chances of achieving a high mark. Although reflective assignments are less scholarly in their content and style than most other papers, they are still academic assignments.

Thus, you must stick to conventional English. Instead, keep it short and clear. When describing your feelings, name them without getting overly dramatic. Keep your paragraphs within reasonable length 3 to 8 sentences. Shorter paragraphs are better for reflective reports and longer ones for essays. When describing a setting or event, add in some details to help your readers imagine it. The details can be about visual appearance, sounds, smells, or general ambiance. However, do not try to convey the whole picture with words. One or two features that struck you most about the place will do the job.

Do not overload your reader with the information that does not add to your core argument. Keep your main purpose — talk about the lesson you learned from this situation — in focus.

You may want to read these to get a better idea of what is expected of you in reflective writing. Good luck with crafting a reflection that will win the hearts of your readers! Try our professional essay writing service to avoid the mistakes most students make in reflections.

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Created with Sketch. What are markers looking for in your reflective paper? Where do I start? Write down what kind of experience it was and the main thing you learned from it. For example: Watching the video from Two Sisters Even large and reputable companies can have gross safety violations.

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This is the starting point for your reflective assignment. Which experiences should you write about? How do I write a reflective essay? Be analytical: explain why you received this outcome and how you could have done better. How do I write a reflective report? In this part, you explain your purpose for writing this report and substantiate your choice of experiences.

For example, when the purpose is to reflect on your group project work experience, you may want to write about the main conflicts and challenges you faced as a group. Write about each experience in a separate section with an appropriate heading.

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If no specific requirements for the structure are set, treat each section as a small essay. However, reports are more practical than essays. Focus on the lessons you learned for practice. The description of the situation and your feelings need to be concise — just enough for your reader to get the point.

Guide to Writing a Reflective Essay or Report

State the main lessons you have learned and how you are going to apply this knowledge in your future professional and academic life. There needs to be at least one lesson learned from each experience you included. I failed to get the interview I absolutely needed for my dissertation. What were you thinking and feeling?

Dissertation structure : Skills Hub: University of Sussex

What was good and bad about the experience? What sense can you make of the situation?

What else could you have done? If it arose again, what would you do? For the essay example of traveling to Mexico, you could discuss how the experience made you more sensitive to the struggles of ELL students in your school as well as how it caused you to form a cultural exchange club at school. Top tip: Take notes before you write your outline, jotting down ideas on different topics and experiences you could include in your essay.

Then choose the ones that best fit with your thesis statement and write your outline. Top tip: Write your thesis statement out in big letters and look at it periodically as you write your draft. Editing is an essential step for any essay. There are lots of tactics you can use to successfully edit your essay:. You can write an awesome essay by following the above examples, steps and tips.

Good luck and happy writing! Need a paper?

Step 1 - Choosing a Topic

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