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Absolutism vs. Democracy

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Absolutism vs. Democracy Essay Sample

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Read more. Our services 2 History homework help Assignment writing help US history homework help Pay for coursework Pay for research paper History homework answers. Democracy is the only government where the people wont have their freedoms taken by one person and no one can abuse their power. Democracy is more effective then absolutism in that power is separated in 3 branches, this way of government is firmly believed in by Montesquieu. Another positive from democracy is that people are given the right to free speech, which was written about in many of Voltaires' books.

Democracy and freedom are also taught in John Lockes' book, he believed in the nature of being free, equal and independent.

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Democracy is the way! And in this book as seen in document 6 Montesquieu tells us that there can be no liberty in which the executive, judicial and legislature branches are all controlled by one man. The only way to have a well run civilization is one in which power is separated. The way a household runs is a lot like how a government does, it has social, economic, religious, military and political issues, the way they choose to run it effects the people under it greatly.

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Families and government must both ask themselves in what way should they respond to these issues. One choice appearing on the far right of the political spectrum is called absolutism. This system has one supreme leader who is absolute and answers to no one. Absolutism can lead to a nationalistic society, which tends to have a more unified and patriotic population.

Absolutism Vs. Democracy. Essay

This nationalism leads to a country more willing to defend itself in a patriotic manner. This society also possesses great ability to stabilize its economy if ever in need. Dictatorships can many times lead ultra-nationalism, which comprises people's rights and freedoms by controlling people's lives.

Along with the patriotism can come its extreme forms of elitism and racism.

uswigtyrares.tk On the opposite side of the spectrum comes a different system called individualism.