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Sports Essay

It was a neck to neck fight. At last, the IX class won the match by two games.

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The football match was won by the upper middle students. They had an easy walkover over the juniors. Next came a hockey match between the IX and X class students.

Both the teams were evenly matched. The fight was hard and tough. The X class players carried the day. The hockey match was followed by a tug of war match between the staff and the VIII class students.

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It was the most interesting item. The Headmaster also took part in it. The staff pulled with might and main but the boys did not budge an inch. When the boys saw that the staff was showing signs of exhaustion, they strained every nerve at one and the same time and pulled with all their strength.

Sports Day - Your Home Teacher

Their efforts were crowned with success. With this desire, surely some students will take an initiative to learn and be a part of some of the other sport. The annual day thus solved its purpose.

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