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Division Classification Essay: Types of Cars - Free Essay Sample

Today, manufacturers make cars that offer a variety of engines. For example a consumer can have the option of choosing a car with a 1. These types of engines are good commuter cars because even though they are very inexpensive, their engines are considered to be very reliable. The moderately priced car gives the consumer a variety of options. A moderately priced car is considered to be a Toyota, Ford, Nissan, and Acura. These cars come with different choices of interior.

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For instance, the buyer can have the option of leather or cloth interior. The interior is also made to provide comfort to the driver. The stereo in the car is considered to be a decent model with a variety of controls. These type of cars offer cruise control, stick or automatic transmission, and free regular service check ups. The service check ups allow the car to have free oil changes and service inspections at certain miles.

Essay how to buy a used car

The engines in a moderately priced car range from a 4 cylinder to an 8-cylinder vehicle. When purchasing a car, the buyer appears to have more options with moderately priced vehicle then with an inexpensive or cheap vehicle. All of the cars interiors are made from fine quality leather.

The craftsmanship in the interior is very detailed. This type of interior has been made to make the driver feel like he is sitting in a recliner instead of driving a car. These types of cars also have an electronic switchboard that consists of power seats, door locks, windows, sunroof, and cruise control. Another option that some of the expensive cars have, is that they can be driving an automatic car, but they can also change the gears so that it can be a 5 speed driving machine.

Staying with the example of cars, the essay could look at the various types of cars, including sedans, sports cars, and minivans. Irrespective of your chosen approach, there are some general guidelines to consider when writing a classification essay. So how can you go about writing sound classification essay? Here are some useful tips to make your categories as clear and concise as possible. Choose only one criterion or principle to organize everything into one category. In addition, develop categories that permit the inclusion of everything or everyone you are classifying.

The next important consideration when looking to write a quality classification essay is the selection of the topic. Please note that the topic choice influences the relevance of your paper as well as the depth of your analysis. Choose a topic that would be interesting to your audience. As you formulate the topic, be original, creative and have fun.

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Picking an informative, yet manageable topic can be one of the most challenging elements of essay writing. Your topic should be one that is interesting to you as well as your readers.

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In other words, you are likely to express yourself more clearly and with more insight if you are genuinely intrigued by the topic. In addition, choose your topic based on the course material that you have understood. During the actual writing, much of your work will go towards supporting and explaining your thesis and individual perspective, meaning that you need to understand and be comfortable with talking about the material that will support your essay. In addition, you need to pick a topic that is not only challenging but also thought provoking.

Most importantly, choose a topic that is specific enough to allow you to form an opinion, but also general enough to allow you to locate enough information and write a substantial essay. At this level, avoid topics that are already obvious to your audience. For instance, do not write an essay the three branches of government. Instead, try to be original in your topic selection, and have a basis for the categories.

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  7. For instance, you may have noticed the wide range in the quality of nursing care, and would like to write a paper categorizing nurses according to their roles in the healthcare team. Clearly label your categorizations. It is these main points that will influence your classification.

    An important tip here is to make sure that all your points are given equal importance and weight. Giving more weight to some points over others sends the wrong message that the others are of less significance. Secondly, it helps to make sure that the points do not overlap.

    For instance, when writing an essay on popular music, it is easy for the category of folk and rock to overlap with a category of male vocalist.

    Division Classification Essay: Types of Cars

    Most importantly, make sure that you do not omit any part of your subject. Your email address will not be published. Essay on car May 30, English essay Leave a comment. In this way we have provided you with an essay on car in English , and you can read more topics through the following link: Car topics. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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