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Classification of Shoes

Politic issues can be a risk because changes in government or government policies and legislation can impact on business, which is why business owners need to keep abreast of latest developments. Technological developments in one field and in the wider business sphere should be monitor in good system. Beside, rising cost of raw material also can affect Skechers supplies. As been mention above, Skechers is using a good quality of materials. If the cost of raw materials that been using in produced a product are increasing, Skechers might face a problem which it could not supply the demand.

This may decrease the profit.

Financial capacity is another threat too. Skechers should aware of it effort on produced the supply. It cannot be more than the company financial capacity. This can make a loss of the company. Plus, Skechers may have government regulations as it threat. Government regulation risks did cause a small miss on the bottom line.

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The real fallout for this stock came from the guidance. Cash flow also can be Skechers big problem. Cash flows will happen to the company if they bought those materials. This is because they need to exchange local money to get the material. In addition, Skechers can also increase in labor costs.

Since the raw material are expensive because it have a high quality, Skechers will not able to provide a high technology machine to make the shoes. Labor costs will increase because Skechers are not able to purchase or to have a machine to make the shoes. So, Skechers will need to employ more workers. This causes the increases of the labor costs.


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Increasing rates of interest can affect skechers too. Increasing rate of interest might cause the increasing of Skechers prices. Consumers will reconsider to buy this product if the price is increase. This also can cause loss of the company. Last but not least, growing competition and lower profitability can also be Skechers threat. Skechers will face a great competition between other company, such as Nike, Adidas and Reebook.

These are a few of high ranking shoes brands. Here, Skechers will have a hard competition between them. This might cause Skechers to have a low profitability. Because of the high growing competition, Skechers profit might decrease or low.

Classification Essay Topics List

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Despite the feminine side of heels, they can be quite painful and somewhat a hassle when the heel proceeds to break while walking amongst a crowd; but it is all worth it when a woman feels the power that comes with her heels. Along with the high heel, the flat soul dress shoe often receives much scrutiny. This shoe has a lot more to offer than just comfort for your ankles, knees, and calves. These shoes also offer class.

Classification Essay Definition

The clothing industry now provides women with numerous flat styles, from dressy to casual. Hope that all men out there will become a little more understanding and tolerable of the numerous shoe supply crowding his side of the closet. It is a mean world and a woman must wear the right footwear to take it on. Order now.

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